About Our Company

Burraq Halal Beef is the leading premium brand of frozen meat suppliers in the UAE, providing top-quality halal beef to customers. From farms to feedlots and feedlots to slaughter houses and slaughter houses to supplies, everything is managed with great care to meet the hygiene standards of meat. We are the best fresh chicken suppliers in the UAE, providing halal-certified and fresh meat. 

At Burraq Halal Beef, we are dedicated to meeting our diverse halal clientele’s unique requirements and preferences. This aim is also reflected in our frozen veal meat, which is designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We hold the belief that all individuals should be granted equal opportunities to relish the finest quality halal beef, and we put in our best efforts every day to fulfill this commitment.

Burraq Halal Beef

In the UAE, Burraq Halal Beef is a top-notch wholesaler of frozen veal meat. The company meticulously manages its farms and feedlots to ensure the highest standards for halal mutton meat suppliers through halal certification and ethical treatment of animals. The brand’s advanced processing facilities use modern technology and strict quality control measures to produce frozen chicken, especially for the UAE market. This is to ensure the greatest hygienic and safety requirements. A skilled group of meat processors creates a variety of cuts and products, such as ground beef and quality steaks, using both conventional and modern techniques. You need look no farther than Burraq Halaal Beef if you’re searching for premium halaal beef that meets your needs for flavor, quality, and morality.


Food Safety is Our Priority

At Burraq Halal Beef, food safety is our top priority. We prioritize delivering top-quality, delicious, and safe meat products to our customers.

• Rigorous measures are implemented at every stage of our production process, including sourcing, processing, packaging, and shipping.
• Our halal certification reinforces our commitment to food safety and adherence to Islamic dietary laws.
• All meat products are produced following strict Islamic dietary laws, ensuring they are safe and suitable for consumption by our diverse halal clientele.
• We maintain the highest hygiene and safety standards, from sourcing the finest cattle breeds to delivering products to wholesalers.
• Choosing Burraq Halal Beef ensures customers get nothing but the best in terms of quality and safety.

Our Process

Lifecycle of Beef Slaughtering

Throughout the slaughtering process, Burraq Halal Beef uses modern tools and techniques to ensure the highest hygiene and safety standards.

  • Before the slaughtering process begins, the cattle are carefully inspected to ensure they are healthy and placed in a humane restraint device to minimize stress and discomfort.
  • Our experienced and skilled relevant team slaughtered the animal according to halal laws and current safety regulations for wholesale beef suppliers.
  • We uphold strict safety and ethical standards throughout slaughter, ensuring every animal is cared for and respected.

Frozen Meat Suppliers In UAE

Burraq Halal Beef is a wholesaler and a frozen meat supplier in the UAE. It deals in halal chicken, mutton and especially beef meat. We’re ideal for supplies in Marts, bulk purchases and for super stores, as we deal in a business-to-business model at a wholesale rate.
By having our own slaughterhouses, we’ve played a leading role in a competitive meat market in the UAE. Having command and consumer trust sets us apart from others.

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